27 Sep 2015

The week with Walibi (21. - 27.9.)

This week was not as bad as the previous ones when you consider the amount of homework, but it was extremely exhausting anyways because speaking a different language all the time is definitely not easy! There was a bad grade from Maths but no other catastrophes. And on Thursday I got a package from my parents from the Czech republic with many things I wanted and needed which was really nice. However the highlight of this week was Walibi - an entertainment park we visited yesterday with other YFU students and their friends or families. You can see some pictures in the full article!

I spent the day with my Czech friend and her friends and family because I wanted to speak my favourite language again and share all the news.

I didn't make many photos from the attractions, though, because I didn't have time and didn't want to loose my camera.

This thing was 77m high and I was too scared to go there - so I didn't... 

I also didn't do anything upside down because I know it's not good for me.

But I had fun anyways - watching the people, doing some things and walking around... and speaking Czech again, of course!

Here you can see the plan of the park and my ticket.

I had a great time and the weather was surprisingly nice, too, but I was very tired and I went to sleep really early. But I'm really thankful for this short day, I enjoyed it a lot.

Can you go upside down on the roller coasters?