4 Sep 2015

The days of changes (31.8. - 4.9.15)

Many things happened since my last post... I returned to Brussels to stay at my arrival family in Brussels. On Monday I visited my friends there and on Tuesday I stayed in the host family's house. But on Tuesday evening I recieved great news! YFU finally found a family that will keep me at least untill November (and then we'll see). I moved on Wednesday, 2nd September. I now live in a city called Louvain-La-Neuve and go to school!

Here are some interesting facts and stuff I discovered during my first two days of school and my first two days at my new host family's house (3. - 4.9.15):
Journal de classe - left: homework,
right: what we did in class
  • In Belgium they have a special book called 'Journal de classe' where you write all your homework, tests and the topic of each lesson.
  • School starts at 8:35 (in Czech republic it's 8:00), but you stay there longer (mostly untill 16).
  • You can choose most of your courses and your classmates change according to what they choose, so it's not so easy to find friends.
  • At my school I have to do relegion classes because it's a catholic school.
  • There's no school on Wednesday afternoon (nor on Satudray and Sunday, of course!).
  • I introduced myself to the class and said that I'm really afraid of French because I don't speak french. They all said at one time: "But your french is really good!" I almost cried happy tears!
  • I'm really tired of all the french around me so this was the firs time I was glad to have Physics - no words, just numbers! Yay!
  • When I talk french a lot, I kind of speak to myself in french even though I don't know the words... I know it's weird, but I do it anyways - t's not the knid of thing you can stop...
  • There's a museum of Tintin in our town and I visited it with my classmate (who is an exchange student too!) during the break today - we had three hours free between the lessons.
  • At home I don't talk much with my parents, but here I try to socialize and talk a lot, so I had a long chat with my host mum today evening and she was very nice to me :)
  • This is not chocolateland - it's comicsland! Comics are cheaper here than normal books!
A selfie with Tintin :D


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