27 Aug 2015

The beginning (23-26.8.15)

The beginnig in Belgium was really tough but at the same time I realy enjoyed everything. I stayed at the arrival family with Sylvi for this whole time. On Sunday it was raining so we just made a short trip with the car to see some important and known places in Brussels. Let's see some photos!

23 Aug 2015

My first day in Belgium

It all started at 4:30 am - hat's when I had to wake up because the departure of the plane was at 6:55. My mom and dad drove me to the airport and helped me with the luggage. I just had one suitcase, but I also took a bag and (of course) my guitar with me, so it was pretty complicated. Anyway I met the other two czech students who are going to Belgium for a year and we all sucsessfully got into the plane. By the way it was such a cute small one - I've never travelled with one of these before!