28 May 2016

5 random differences between my host and home country

Before I get to writing another diary entry I just had a quick post idea: today you can read about five random differences between Belgium and the Czech Republic that passed through my head. It of course doesn't have to be true about all Czechs and all Belgians, but this is what I experienced in my surroundings. They aren't in any order, I just put them in the article like that. So let's get on it!

24 May 2016

April - probably the best of the months (4. - 30.4.)

Today I'm going to talk about my month of April, probably the best month I spent in Belgium. Why the best one? Simply because so many things happened and I really had no downs... My life in chocolateland jsut went up!

18 May 2016

Pélérinage (28.3. - 3.4.)

I'm here with another photoblog, this time from my trip to the north of France (Normandie) that took place from 28th March till 3th April. I went with my catholic group "Oratoire", but it wasn't just tourism and prayers. It was much more and I have so many things to say. I'll keep it short here, though because some things are just too personal to write about. Anyways, let's see the photos!