24 May 2016

April - probably the best of the months (4. - 30.4.)

Today I'm going to talk about my month of April, probably the best month I spent in Belgium. Why the best one? Simply because so many things happened and I really had no downs... My life in chocolateland jsut went up!

After Pélérinage my  holidays continued. I took one day off to relax a bit, but the day after that (Tuesday, 8th April) I went to Namur to see the city and also my Finnish friend. I've been in my temporary host family with her as she is also a YFU echage student, but her host family was on holiday the first week of our exchange year. Anyway I really enjoyed my day with her and was happy to see her again (last time was in Paris, two motnhs ago). We walked around the town, talked, ate and had some shopping done, too. My biggest success of the day was a backpack made of leather and textile for 5€! Also, I tasted the best pasta in my life (even though I've been to Sicily).

The famous backpack!

On Wednesday (6th April) I "just" worked for school, but I also finished my religion essay. It was my first essay in French and I was really proud of myself (15 pages of text isn't as easy as it may seem). I also went to my teacher's house to put the work into his mailbox, which I have never done before.

Thursday (7th April) was another travelling day. I woke up early and took the train to Brussels where I met another of my exchange friends who came from Austria. Then we took a train together to Ostende and if you know Belgium a little bit you already guessed why - we wanted to see teh sea! We had a lot of fun that day. Even though the sea was cold, we put our feet in it, we walked barefoot on the beach, drawed in the sand, collected seashells... And we also did other things than on the beach - we visited some cafés (and ate, of course!) and a church which was really pretty. On our way back we stopped at Brussels again because my friend hasn't seen the city centre yet. Then we went to our homes again...









I walways take a photo with this elephant when I pass by, always!

Friday (8th April) was a working day again, but in the evening I went to the cinemawith my belgian friend to see Gods of Egypt - an action-packed movie about egyptian mythology. I really liked it (more on my Czech blog).

On Saturday (9th April) I met with the people from Pélé again (log time - no see, I know) and we spent the evening and Sunday morning together. I'm really glad to have found the group because everyone there is really cool...

Then school started again, but already on Tuesday (12th April) we went on an excursion with our history class. We entered belgian parliament and learned about the functionnement of it. I think it was really interesting and I was glad to discover the differences, between Belgium and my home country. For example the king of Belgium doesn't have the power of veto! In the afternoon we visited Beaux Arts - an arts museum which was awesome too.

I had another day with the Scouts on Saturday (16th April), which was really cool again. We went to Namur and did some fun activities, like for example we played minigolf in a cellar painted with fluorescenning colours...

On Wednesday (20th April) I saw my friends from Pélé again! We visited a festival together. Although there were many stages and artists, this time it wasn't really about the music for me. I just enjoyed the atmosphere and had a fun time with my friends.

The next weekend I traveled again - I spent my Saturday (23th April) at Antwerp/Anvers with my Czech (exchange student, of course) friend... and honestly, we just spent the whole day talking, eating and shopping. Because we can!

30th April is another important day for me: it was my last day with the Scouts. It was really cool because everyone hugged me and signed my flag and... it was just so soursweet! The "lasts" are coming and I'm really not ready for that. But I still think April was my best month...


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