18 May 2016

Pélérinage (28.3. - 3.4.)

I'm here with another photoblog, this time from my trip to the north of France (Normandie) that took place from 28th March till 3th April. I went with my catholic group "Oratoire", but it wasn't just tourism and prayers. It was much more and I have so many things to say. I'll keep it short here, though because some things are just too personal to write about. Anyways, let's see the photos!

Monday, 28th March
When we drove for several hours while guessing songs and laughing about Czech. Then we arrived at Caen and couldn't find the boarding school where we were supposed to stay, so we had to pay a fee for late arrival because the staff had to wait for us with dinner. Whatever.

Tuesday, 29th March
When we went to Lisieux, discovered who sainte Thérèse was and learned how to read texts properly (which I thought I sucked at in French, but apparently I don't). We also visited the house where sainte Thérèse has lived, walked through the town, my brazilian firend and me ate the most expensive "crême brullée" in our entire lives and I drank way too much tea.

Basilic in Lisieux

Mary in the house of sainte Thérèse.

All hotos of people I took that week basically look like this.

My brazilian friend likes the church :D


Yep, this exists...

Wednesday, 30th March
When we got more information about the life of sainte Thérèse, visited a basilic, sang totally random songs in the car and played fun games with a group of belgian Scouts, which our group succesfully won (and I almost fell into the mud while running, but we did it!).

Thursday, 31st March
When we woke up at 5:45 to do the walk in the bay of Mont St Michel (which means we waked barefoot in the sea while the water was not there but still had to walk though it at some places). We also learned how to get the sand to move and how to get out of it. And then, on the last stone, I ripped a muscle in my ankle so I couldn't walk alone. Then we had to go like a billion stairs up to the abbey (I was on somebody's back most the time because I was too slow) for a mass, then go back down to eat... and up again to meet a sister who talked about her religious life. I think the rest of the group was pretty exhausted (I made the less effort). When we arrived back home, I got crutches for the first time in my life (I wanted to try the out as a kid so badly, but luckily I never needed them)... and you'll see how happy I was about them.

Friday, 1st April
When we girls woke up super early, ate our breakfast alone and put canadian jokes around all the boys' rooms while they were at breakfast. Then we all left for Arromanches where we discovered everything about the Débaraquement de Normandie of American soldiers in World War II. I found lots of things baout Czechoslovakia, but lots of mistakes, too. After that we played baseball on the beach, but without being able to run it was kind of impossible, so I just watched everybody with a sad face... We also visited a graveyard of the American soldier that paticipated on the D. Day. My hands started to hurt so bad from the crutches, I had to ask people to help me walk again because I had bruises all over my palms. Well, I tried, didn't I? At least I won't dream about crunches anymore...

In the evening we ahd a confession and I don't even want to write about it. Maybe someday, you'll be lucky enought to meet a group of awesome people and live a moment like that with them. Maybe not. But let me tell you that his moment will always stay in my memories as ne of the strongest moments in my life - I was overdrowned with emotions. I hope you know or willknow what I'm alking about one day...

Yep, daisies were theme of the day :D

And this is the book I brought to read... About World War II too.

international car selfie (there is a Czech, a Belgian and a Brazilian - guess who's who :D)

Saturday, 2nd April
When we visited the city of Bayeux, walked through the Saint door and visited the cathedral. I had to give the camera to my Chinese friend because I wasn't able to take photos while walking (obvisousely I needed my hands for that), so there's many photos not taken by me. Also, the weather got worse and I ate ice cream. I didn't find a post office, but in the evening we had a very fun closure party so it was a good day after all...

It's my mommy who brought me this pretty t-shirt from Normandie.

Applause for the photographer number 2!

Sunday, 3rd April
When I dressed up like an American pizza-girl and everyone noticed, we also got back home and talked for hours in the car...

My Easter Holidays didn't end then, but I'm going to talk about the other half some other day...

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for another batch of pictures and associated stories. The sunset seen through rain drops on the window looks great! Obviously, many other pictures are nice as well, but this one is one of the not completely obvious ones requiring the photographer to recognize them first.

    Looking forward to the other part of your holiday as well as other places and stories; let's hope that it arrives at least a bit earlier this time ;-)