27 Aug 2015

The beginning (23-26.8.15)

The beginnig in Belgium was really tough but at the same time I realy enjoyed everything. I stayed at the arrival family with Sylvi for this whole time. On Sunday it was raining so we just made a short trip with the car to see some important and known places in Brussels. Let's see some photos!

Car Museum and the main street of Brussels

Parc du Cinquantenaire

Artsy photo of the European Comission

European headquarters (I always look for czech fag. Can you see it? Click on the photo to enlarge.)

European Parliament

On Monday Sylvi and me went to the center of the city, had a look into the shopping street, tasted Belgian waffles and visited Parlamentarium (a museum about EU and European Parliament). We had lots of fun and we were really tired when we came home...

St Michael a Gudula Cathedral

Waffleeeeees ♥

Prague is there, in the Pariamentarium :D

Czech repulic is famous, yay!

Future belongs to us.

Interesting exhibition type...

Czech republic represented by beer - obviusly!

Czech newspaper!

Weather changes really quickly - we were totally wet!

On Tuesday I was really sick and tired, so I stayed at home, read and watched Once Upon a Time (my new favourite!). In the evening we went to a restaurant and I had salmon. The next day Iwas ok again. That's why Sylvi and me did a trip to Atomium and Minieurope (park of miniatures odf famous eruropean buildings). It was fun!

My first drvie in a Belgian tram.

This is not a river - there's no river in Bussels, just a canal.

The Atomium and me!

It said "Welcome!", but it kind of didn't fit into the photo :D

Minieurope buildings

Finish sauna

... and more...

They even had ships!

The Grand Place looks like real... except the Eiffel Tower behind.

There were little figures everywhere.

Water elements...

The Big Ben almost didn't fit into the photo.

I was looking for the czech flag again.

Some amazing miniatures...

Someone will be very lucky...

Czech republic... and Slovakia, yay!

Can you see the czech word?

Escalators in the Atomium

How-my-pet-sees-me-selfie :D


The lift queue was endless - we stood there for 30 minutes.

Beautiful view from the top ball!

I left a paper for the czech blog project there.

Bye bye, Atomium!

Have you ever been to Brussels?
P.S. I won't be on the internet for the next few days, but I'll be happy to see your comments and questions then :)


  1. Nice (the article and the whole endeavour). :-)

    Finding Czech words on the table there is easy (for Czech people ;-) ). Now let's try to find the originating languages for the other words (without resorting to Google)... ;-)))

    I visited Brussels almost 10 years ago (November 2005) on a business trip and I had quite limited time for sightseeing (as usually with such occassions). Nevertheless, I enjoyed it a lot. As usually in similar cases, I had to use the evening (and part of the night ;-) ) to find at least some private time for seeing the place. The good thing about such arrangement is that it opens up a great opportunity for seeing the city lit up and tasting the evening / night life there (I still have a short and technically very poor video recorded using my mobile phone of that time which shows some street musician playing there). I also loved visiting the market at the Grand Sablon with open fires in iron baskets (it was quite cold and there was some snow around there already).

    Enjoy the stay and good luck with the final host family!


    1. Thank you and yes, true :D ANd thank you for the tip - I definitely will visit Brussels at night :)

  2. Ty památky jsou moc krásné:). Prozkoumávej dál:)..A závidím tu angličtinu:)

    1. To jsou a ještě jich musím spoustu vidět :) Nezáviď, to není žádné umění :D

  3. Krásne fotky, na blog hneď dávam odber :)
    ➳Heroines Never Fade

  4. Máš hezký blog Marky :) Jsem rád, že se ti tam líbí. :)