1 Sep 2015

The YFU weekend (27.-30.8.15)

YFU is the organization which organizes my exchange yer - but there's not just me! 31 students came to Belgium this year and we all met at the YFU weekend which is also called Post-Arrival Orientation. Even though it only lasted four days, I felt like it's been a month because I met so many great people and did so many different things!

During the weekend we played many games, visited the city of Liége (where we stayed at a youth hostel), but also got plenty of tips and information for our exchange year from Belgian students who already returned - the YFU volunteers. The timetable was really full and I didn't sleep that much, but it was definitely worth it because I enjoyed every minute.

So let's have a look at the photos!

On Saturday there was a city rallye through Liége - the stairs are really famous.

And because they are so famous, we had to make lots of photos!

But I just chose these :D

We also had to make some funny photos for the rallye.

"Singing" in front of the opera

The cathedral was really impressive!

And also from the inside...

On Saturday evening we went to a restaurant and saw these amazing and weird clouds.

At least I think that they're weird...

We also took some amazing night photos - the first one is mine, the second one is my friend's.

Another selfie time - on the last day.

... and another one!

I feel like this has to be shared with the world - postel means bed in czech :D

Thanks to all the amazing people I met for the experience and the photos!

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