20 Sep 2015

The week with scouts (14. - 20.9.)

I'm here again with my weekly summary. A lot happened again and I don't even know where to start... I remember now I forgot to mention something in my last week's summary: on Friday we took photos of each class and our class also made a crazy one, so I put it here. I was added to the class Facebook group too and I feel more like a part of the collective now. So let's hope it stays!

School was quite exhausting this week - I wrote my first test I had to use French for (Physics was just counting last week) and it was eally hard. But I didn't forget to treat myself for all the work I did: I bought a new pair of shoes and a new phone case. The prices for both were accurate and needed AND wanted them, so it's ok. I'm very happy I bought them...

The weekend was a full-time job for me too. On Saturday I had my first day with the Belgian Scouts and I enjoyeed it a lot, even though I had a little problem with the running and my clothes were dead after one day of wearing... But I don't care much becuase I met many new friends and I felt like it's been a weak and not a day. I did scouts back in the Czech Republic, but it was a while ago and just now I realized how much I missed it. Today we madde a family visit and I coloured something there.

I hope you had a good week too ;)


  1. Tie topánky sú absolútne dokonalé! Aj ten obal na mobil sa mi strašne páči! Krásne si sa obdarovala :)))