13 Sep 2015

The week with april weather and shopping (5.9. - 13.9.)

If you want to be happy for one hour, drink a glass.
If you want to be happy for one day, get married.
If you want to be happy for all of your life, start gardening.

My French is getting better every day and every minute since I arrived to my new host family's house. The school also helps, but the learning there is more passive than when I try to explain something to my host family or their friends. I feel like I've lived here for months now because I have experienced so many things and tried so much new food and basically everything has changed. But yesterday it was just three weeks since I arrived in Belgium. Well, let's get to what actually happened this week!

On my first weekend in this town we had some friends staying at our house and everyone except me talked a lot, but I didn't really understand much. Anyways on Sunday I went with my host family and other friends of theirs to another village near here, where there were artists at each house and we could see many photos, statues, paintings, drawings and lots of other things they created. We walked around the village and visited many of the houses or their gardens and I even saw a photographer who made his photos in the Czech Republic! I really enjoyed the weekend, but it was tiring because there was lots of French speaking people and I had to concentrate a lot.

My first full week of school was really exhausting too... Thank God they have lunch breaks where you can leave school or otherwise I couldn't do all the shopping and stuff I wanted to do because the school is really long here compared to my homecountry. But the teachers are all really nice to me and my classmates too, so I will try and see. I discovered a lot about Belgium through talking to them and I think I have many more things to discover.

On Friday I saw the shopping mall for the first time and it's really huge! I didn't expect something like that! By the way, there's Bershka! I had to try out those black shoes there, believe me (look at the photo on the right, I know the heels are insane, but why not?)... And I didn't even manage to walk through the whole mall during my lunch break! But after school I also visited the library for the first time and brought The Selection by Kiera Cass home to improve my French a little bit by reading a book I already read in Czech. I started yesterday and slowly I made my way through the first chapter. It's going to be better, I know it! On my way from the library I took a few photos of this lovely town by my cellphone. They're not as beautiful as this town actually is, but they're just for illustration...

The park I walk through every time I go somewhere from my house and a well-known fresco.

The weather on Friday afternoon - in the noght it rained really hard :D

The University Place - center of the town.

This grafitti is just so cool, I can't even comment on it :D

This weekend was full of adventures too. On Saturday my friends from Brussels came to visit me and brought me my second suitcase from there. I also played the guitar in front of my host family and even though i was relly nervous, there was no faux pas... And today I went on a Mass for the first time of my life. I didn't understand much, but it was really a beutiful feeling. Like I belonged somewhere I didn't know anyone... After that I met the parents of my host dad and an old factory near here which was opened just for today.

I think there are many adventures waiting for the moment I close my notebook, so see you all later ;)


  1. Let's face it: I have to find some other way for staying happy all my life, because I really hate gardening since the obligatory gardening classes at the grammar school. ;-) Never mind, I'm sure there are other ways. :-)

    1. Oh that's a shame :/ I don't love gardening either, but it's fine for me...

  2. Nevertheless, I'd suggest updating the text below the top picture a bit (my French is very limited, but the word 'heureux' luckily belongs to one of those I still remember). ;-)

    1. And by the way - yes, I know it's nitpicking, sorry.

    2. Already done, but thanks and it's fine :D