11 Sep 2015

The Mishmash TAG

I was tagged by the lovely Iris to do the Mishmash TAG and I decided to put it on this blog because it doesn't really match with the idea of my book blog. Thank you very much for tagging me, Iris, I fell in love wth this idea at the first ime reading it :) As you maybe notice, the TAG was created in the czech language and I translated all the questions, so please don't blame me for any mistakes. So... there you have it, let's go!

The main points of the Mishmash TAG:
Write 7 facts about you (the more interesting, the better).
List 7 things here that characterize you in some way - there are no guidelines, it can be a list of your favourite songs, colours or just things you couldn't live without.
Answer 7 questions that you were asked by the blogger who tagged you.
Create 7 questions for bloggers you want to tag.
And last but not least, tag 7 bloggers and let them know about it.

7 facts about me:

1. I don't like coffee or anything with coffee flavour. The smell of it is okay, but I don't like the taste - don't kill me, please! But even though I don't like coffee, I drink it because what else would I do after a long night reading and watching BookTube videos? How would I survive that without caffeine? I can tell you: I wouldn't.

2. I almost always sleep with thick socks on beacuse my feet are freezing even though it's 30 degrees outside - I'm hot, but the feet freeze. And no, it doesn't make me happy.

3. I am a dreamer, but I don't seem like one. I seem very realistic, but on the inside I have more dreams than anyone. If I could make some of my dreams come true, I'd want the ability of flying, I'd want to delete all diseases forever, I'd like to work in the publising industry and I'd like to read all the books I want to read... But it's not possible - so many books, so little time!

outfit4. I hate writing facts about myself and I always cheat on the lists because there's so many things I want to say that I don't want to say anything. Same with talking about topics I know a lot about... I just don't say anything in the end.

5. For last few years I didn't buy any Christmas presents because I feel like Crismas is there because of love and family and not the presents. I do give many mresents though - I create them! I draw, write poetry and just do everything to show a little piece of myself to everyone... I think these presents are much more precious than the expencive ones.

6. I try to learn keyboard typing since the fourth grade but I still didn't manage - you see I'm also not perfect, duh.

7. Sometimes while doing homework in Word I set webdings for my text and try to understand what I worte. It doesn't work, but at least I'm not so bored for a little while...

7 things that characterize me (aka How To Be Like Marky):

Guitar 💓
1. A guitar mousse. If you want to create a Marky, guitar is an essential to start with. I'm absolutely addicted to this beautiful instrument and if I don't play for a week (whean I'm on holidays or something), I feel really sad. You wouldn't expect that, but this addiction even stadyed here on my exchange year with no free time...

2. Cat hair. I know this sounds crazy and we all remember what happened to Hermione, but I love cats so much I couldn't resist putting these wonderful animals on this list. I mean, I even bought a cat sweater after I've packed my suitcase for a year and unpaked it again to fit the sweater there... Does it say something to you?

3. Crafting tools. I'm a creative person even though my creations are not unique or perfect - I just like the idea of creating something ersonal for other people or for myself... And by creations I don't mean just drawing - I also write poems and stories, paint and create bracelets, picture frames, earrings and lots of other stuff...

tumblr_mnq9axwodG1sp4f62o1_500.gif (500×260)

4. Books. Do I need to add something? Just look at my Goodreads account and see how many books I've read this year. That explains everything.

5. Dancing shoes. I even found a picture of my and my dance group because I don't want to explain what kind of dance I do... But, ok, there you have it: scenic dance is something between modern dance and ballet, but the most important part is expression of your emotions and imagination. It doesn't matter if your technique is bad. When you feel it, it looks amazing. (By the way can you guess which one is me? :D)

6. My notebook. This is another one I don't need to explain, right? I mean - Goodreads, Social media blitz, two blogs and the CooBoo website... Isn't that enough? And I don't even have time for chatting with my friends!

7. Smile. You can see that all of the above were basically my hobbies and I'm going to contiunue with this topic - smiling is also my hobby... I don't smile all the time, but when I do, it comes out of my heart. And I feel like smile is the best thing you can give to the others...

Answering 7 questions by Iris Virág:

1. Do you like to walk or do you prefer busses, cars, trams... Why?
I love walking and hiking and I walk really fast and can walk quite long. But when it comes to school ways, I prefer busses. I can read there and don't have to ruin my back by my school bag and also it's warm in winter. I don't really use trams because I don't go to the city centre much, but I think they're ok. Nothing special, really. When it comes to metro/underground, I like it because of the speed, but it's not that much fun. There's nothing behind the windows. Literally.

2. How many books do you read a month?
Let's just concentrate on this year beacuse before that it was really different and I also didn't care, but since January I started to write it down. The calculator says I read approximately 10,75 books a month and I actually agree. In summer it was surprisingly more than in winter because my reading skills got better and now I read much quicker than in January. Although I don't think these upcoming months are going to be amazing for reading because I really don't have time for it. I have so many other things to do that I could just read at two in the morning and I don't really feel like it.

3. Do you plan ahead or are you sponatneous?
This has an exact answer. I'm a walking agenda. When I want to be creative, I switch it off for a while, but normally, I just plan everything ahead. Not much though, but I tell myself when I'm going to stop reading etc. Truth is though, that I don't really hold on the plan - especially when it comes to reading :D

4. What do you think about "Wreck This Journal"?
I had one back in Czech Republic and I loved the concept. I didn't manage to finish it, but I plan on buying an English version here and start a new one because I have many ideas... I accept that some people are against WTJ, but I like it and I don't pressure them to do it so I think it's fine.

5. What languages do you learn and how did you start?
Haha, an exact question for me. I started learning English in the kindergarden and I continue untill now. I love the language and I love to speak it beacuse I really understand (and believe me, I do have a comparison).

I started with German in the first grade because why not? I also went to a German school in Prague, so I think I'm quite fluent in it, too. But please, someone, make a law that forbids singing in German! It's just... not appropriate, to stay correct.

Russian was just a few moths passion because back in Czech republic I had many classmates from Russia and wanted to understand them. But I tried learning on my own and I didn't really get into the language. I can write, though, so I at least learned something.

And I started Franch two years ago. I love the sound of it but my sentences are like: I being good day yesterday with school hard (by which I mean: I had a nice day today, but the school is really hard for me and I'm exhausted.). Well but I'm for a year in Belgium, with just two years of French, and learn... and learn... and learn... and let's see what happens!

I don't think I have to add I undrestand Czech and Slovaque, but in case you didn't notice where I come from, I'm telling you now...

6. How does your stress and nervosity show?
Wel... a lot. I'm not actually nervous before performances and stuff like that, but sometimes when I walk up the stage I feel really bad. My hands are shaking and sweating but it doesn't really show on the outside that much. The worst thing is the feeling inside me. Oh, and I can tell you, that performing in front of 3 people you know really well is much worse than performing in front of 300 or more people you've never seen before.

7. Do you have a favourite quote?
Yes, many...

if you want to know me - Buscar con Google

7 questions for the lovely people I tag:

1. If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be and why?
2. Do you watch TV? How much and which programmes?
3. How would you describe your life in one word and why?
4. Do you like cooking?
5. If you could delete one day of your life, which one would it be and why?
6. Are you a creative person?
7. Here, have some chocolate ;)

7 people I tag (I love you all, you can sure do the TAG in any other language if you feel like it):

3. Ells
4. Aires
5. Míša - Kouzelná klubovna
7. Melinda

So, that's finally all I had for this TAG and I hope you're going to have a nice start of autumn :)


  1. Jsem moc ráda (a Iris určitě taky), že ses zapojila a rozšířila tag za hranice :D