23 Aug 2015

My first day in Belgium

It all started at 4:30 am - hat's when I had to wake up because the departure of the plane was at 6:55. My mom and dad drove me to the airport and helped me with the luggage. I just had one suitcase, but I also took a bag and (of course) my guitar with me, so it was pretty complicated. Anyway I met the other two czech students who are going to Belgium for a year and we all sucsessfully got into the plane. By the way it was such a cute small one - I've never travelled with one of these before!

That's me at the airport at 5 am...

As we arrived at the airport in Brussels which is really huge, we found our luggage and found our host families. I'm staying in my arrival family untill Thursday and then who knows... My host dad showed me the house and after that we picked up another sutdent who is staying in this family - Sylvi from Finland (you can check out her blog here). She is very nice and we became really good friends just through the one day...

When Silvi and me unpacked a few things, we played billiard for a while. Then my host dad's friend came to the house around noon and made really good lunch - pork and mashed potatoes. After that we went for a walk in the centre of Brussels and we saw many beautiful buildings - here are some photos:

The street in front of our house.

A very known school that looks kind of like Hogwarts...

... and you can find it in our street too.

Le métro

We went through one of many parks in Brussels.

Here you can see the Belgian Parliament.

Lots of fountains everywhere...

The Royal Palace of the king was free today so we had to see it!

There is a festival in front of the palace, but n-one played there.

I love taking photos and there were so many opportunities in the palace!
Gold everywhere...

There was an exhibition about insects... so here are some dead bugs on the chandelier for you (ew).

This is one of the most famous builidings in Brussels - the Museum of Music - beautiful!

The views in this city are fantastic.
I'bve never seen such a cool elevator!

La galerie de la Reine

Manneken Pis (the boy) is really famous, but the girl absolutely not.

This is the main building of the Grande Place and also the most famous one...

People say that Brussels is the most green capital city - I believe that, parks and flowers are everywhere!

Grande Place and blue sky...

In Belgium they have typical cherry beer. Well, I don't drink bubles anyway...

I loved this colourful street s much that I had to take a photo!

Belgian fries

In the evening we ate some belgian fries (right, they're belgian, not french!) for dinner and went back home. I read a few pages before I went to sleep and I tried not to feel homesick. My first day in the chocolateland was really exhausting. It was both amazing (because of new people and places) and sad (becase of homesickness and tireness). But I'm happy I'm here anyway because there's so many stuff to do! I can't wait what comes next...



  1. Tenhle deníček je dobrá věc, určitě se na to bude hezky vzpomínat! :) Těším se na další zážitky. ;) A pěkné fotky mimochodem! :)

    1. To doufám, že to budou hezké vzpomínky :) Děkuji :)

    2. Hezký... Doufám, že se tam budeš mít dobře a budeš mít hezké vzpomínky na čokoládovou zemi ;)