4 Oct 2015

The ill and artistic week (28.9. - 4.10.)


This week everything went another direction than I expected... I didn't go to school untill Thursday because I was ill and even now I have cold. So on Wednesday I visited a Belgian doctor for the first time - what a wonderful way to explore another country, isn't it? Anyway as I already said on Thursday and Frieday I went to school so it wasn't that bad in the end...

The weekend was also pretty relaxing: On Saturday I had scouts again and I really enjoyed the day. On Sunday I learned for school and went to the church with my host family and also visited a temporary painting exhibition near our house. In the afternoon I was supposed to go to the cinema with my friend, but she cancelled it, so I spent my afternoon with a book and the sun (this weeks weather  was extremely amazing!) in the garden...

But why did I call this week "artistic"? Simply because when I was ill, I finished a drawing for the school Art lesson and also a doodle for my host brother. I spent lot of time withthese two, so that's why I wanted to show them to you. I hope you like them - i'm satisfied how they turned out...



  1. I'm sorry to hear about your illness, get well soon!

  2. Máš to hezký ;)
    Jak dlouho ti trvalo nakreslit ten druhý obrázek? :D

    1. Děkuju :) Trvalo to něco kolem tří týdnů, ale kreslila jsem to po kouskách, takže nevím, kolik času jsem nad tím proseděla, promiň.