20 Oct 2015

The week with the "Follow Up" seminar (12. - 18.10.)

Autumn is here and I'm enjoying all the colours while not enjoying all the homework and tests that start to be more and more common...

This week ran really quickly though - I worked a lot and before I noticed it was not Monday but Friday... That's where everything became interesting because I decided to bake my first ever cake for the Staurday's "Follow Up" seminar organized by YFU. It tasted good and I also got to test the Czech ginger bread baked by the other Czech student who is in Belgium too.

On Staurday morining I caught the train and succesfully got to Namur. There I met the YFU volunteers and other exchange students and we spent the day at a hostel talking about our school, friends and host family. We could discuss our problems privately with the volunteers and also within each other which I really appreciated. We had plenty of time for that untill our host families arrived (though mine didn't come) and had dinner with us. I was grateful to taste all the different desserts everyone made - it was amazing! I got home by 10 pm and I was really tired, but also really happy. I finally could make Czech jokes and generally speak Czech and that alone made me so happy...

On Sunday I went to the church again - I like it even though I don't understand much (in fact almost nothing). In the afternoon I went on a small walk through the forests around my town with my host mum, we talked and I was sad that I didn't bring my camera. The autumn colours are so beautiful! What a bummer that the only photo I took with my phone turned out so weirdly...

I hope you had a nice week too :)


  1. The photo at the top (if you mean that one) looks nice and not weird at all?

    Regarding your opportunities for speaking Czech - I hope that my comments in English don't make you upset; I just thought that I should use the same language as you in your articles.

    Enjoy all the colours around (I'm currently on train having the same opportunity right now :-) ).

    1. Yeah, I do mean that one, thanks.
      I don't mind at all, you are actually the only person to comment regularly, so thank you very much for your comments (even though I have no idea who you are)!
      And thanks again, enjoy them too :3

  2. ;-) Finding out my identity is not that difficult but not really worth the effort. ;-) I'm sure at least some other readers decoded it rather easily.

    Also, I'm pretty sure there are lots of other regular readers, but probably some of them not so keen to log in / create an account using one of the supported technologies, others possibly not interested in sharing their comments with everybody else this way and yet others probably not as verbose as me. ;-)