26 Oct 2015

The week with 24h vélo (19. - 25.10.)

This week was full of good and bad surprises, good and bad weather, good and bad mood - everything was really contrasting and special. But the most interesting things happened during the 24h vélo.

If you have no idea what 24h vélo is, don't be scared - I didn't know it either. It's basically a 24h long festival organized by the universitty students which takes place in Louvain-La-Neuve. The main point is the bicycle race and parade, but there's lots of other things to do, too! There were many stands in the town with advertisement, food and fun. In the evening there were several stages with live music and lots of lots of lots of beer...

The festial started on Wednesday afternoon and finished Thursday morning. On Wednesday I spent the afternoon with other exchange students just taking while walking through the town. The me and my Brazilian friend decided to walk on our own beacuse the others spoke Spanish all the time and I understood nithing. So we walked a little bit through the centre, got some fun advertising stuff (like for example the "No smoke, big smile!" sunglasses, the "I ♥ Miami" stickers or the "24h vélo" t-shirt) and some food (churros) and talked and looked around. We had a good time, even though we were freezing in the evening.

The fun fact about this festival is that it's the second largest "beer event" in Europe, right after Oktoberest (that lasts much longer). People drink a lot. A lot. And a lot. I didn't sleep well during the night even though I don't live that near to the centre and I slept with my earphones. And the next day's morning was not really pretty either - the centre was really not clean.

The biggest surprise to me was the joke some people made - me and my friends went through the university campus to get some food on Wednesday and we passed under a window. At that moment some quite drunk guys spilled a bucket of water on us. It was freaking cold! But even though it was really annoying and we had to go and change our clothes, at the same moment it was really funny. And we laughed anyway because it was just water and it was clean, so we were quite lucky after all. Still after few days passed, I rush quickly when I walk past that window...

But before I end up this really long weekly summary, I want to quickly mention my weekend because it was pretty awesome. On Saturday I learned Maths (which is surprisingly not the fun part of the weekend) and went to the Scouts meeting. This week's theme was football so we all painted our faces, guessed the names of the sauces while eating Belgian fries and obviousely played football... I had a really good time. Sunday began with the visit of the church, but then the best part came: the family gathering. I was so welcoming! Everyone was really nice to me, the food was delicious and I just had a great time.

I finished my first book in French this week. What did you achieve?
P.S. Here are some photos from 24h vélo for you, enjoy!


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