1 Nov 2015

The week with many photos (26.10. - 1.11.)

This week's update will be illustrated with lots of photos because I finally took my camera out of the case and started using it as I wanted before. During the week there was nothing interesting happening except school, but I guess that's not a thing I need to talk about every week, but it all started on Friday. That's the day I did a little autumn photoshoot with my Brazilian friend. Why so suddenly? Simply because the autumn colours are perfection - admit it! I also got a cup of hot chocolate (not for the photoshoot, but I used it there) and had a really good time...

The first photo I took within the photoshoot - already pretty, isn't it? But prepare for more...

I told you hot chocolate is going to come into play.

This pic turned into something else than it should be. The important thing should've been throwing the leaves, but it looks like an enlightenment by God. I promise that wasn't the purpose, really.

Yay, throwing leaves photos, yay!

This is my favourite photo of this week. I love it and I'm not ashamed, haha. Do you?

This parking for bycicles was so cute I just had to take a photo!

I also documented the place where the bucket of water was thown on us last week.

And the last photos from Friday are the ones of our school. The cafeteria is important, you know?

On Saturday we went on a family trip to Bastogne and to Durbuy, known as the smallest town in Belgium (even though it isn't now). I made many photos there, too, especially in the garden of Durbuy. But they were just tons of tones of bushes, so I chose the best onesfor you...
Is there anyone else who loves walking through the leaves as much as me?

Colours! ♥

Memorial for the soldiers in Bastogne.

The fog added more atmosphere to the memorial - it's really impressive...

...and insanely big - as everything American.

I can't get over how much more beautiful the colours are in real life... The photos will always be just photos.

Stairs out of the crypt (which is located under the memorial).

You can't see them really well on the photo, but there were many, many cows around.
And now let's visit Durbuy...

... with their awesome Halloween markets...

... and many, many leaves!

The river was pretty colourful, too!

And this is how my camera played with me. Due to the effect I couldn't edit the lightening, so sorry for the darkness...

Durbuy has really cute houses (I know, I use "really" all the time).

And more beautiful light effects!

And now enjoy the bushes!

This is my favourite one...

On Friday I got my school results, too - they're ok. Hope you're fine as well...


  1. :O Nádherné fotky! Tie jesenné farby sú neskutočné ♥