14 Nov 2015

The "Toussaints" holiday and my birthday (2. - 8.11.)

This was my busiest week since I came to Belgium. I had a week-long holiday and I was glad that I didn't have much homework to do beacuse I wouldn't be any time to do it anyway. So let's just get started already!

On Monday I went to a Belgian cinema for the first time in my life to see a movie in French without subtitles. The lucky piece was a sci-fi movie based on one of my favourite books - The Scorch Trials. I saw the movie with one of my classmates (yes, finally went out with Belgian friends!) and we had a great time. I was really afraid that I'm not going to understand anything, but except one scientific part I got everything. I was so proud of myself, but I didn't know what would come on Saturday...

Tuesday was the day of my birthday, yay! I woke up and finally opened all the presents from my family and friends back in the Czech Republic that have been waiting on my shelf for weeks. I'm not going to write down all the presents because there's too many and they are too personal, but I have to mention the biggest surprise: I got a birthday card with little notes from all my Czech classmates! And as if the day could be any better, my host family made pancakes for breakfast. I mean, that's perfection, right? And it was even better! In the afternoon we played bowling (I lost of course, as always, but it was fun!) and in the evening there were more surprises! I got presents from my host family and an amazing chocolate cake. I called my grandparets, parents and Czech friends too. I don't know how I managed everything in one day, but I did and it was an awesome day...

On Wednesday I visited my Czech friends that live in Brussels and I had another cake and presents, too. This was kind of a weird day because I ate Czech food, spoke Czech and used Czech humour. I'm not used to it anymore and sometimes I even dream in French... I'm maybe slowly becoming a Belgian and it feels good.

A surprise is coming... On Thursday I went to Brussels again! But his time I met other exchangestudents, we did some shopping and tourism, ate and talked all the time. We're mixing up the languages like no-one else! Anyways I had one of the exchane students sleeping at my house... And we were surprisingly talking a lot. A lot. A lot.

When the other exchange student left on Friday morning, I got on the train too. It went to Brussels again, but this time I didn't stop there. I went to Anvers/Antwepen with my host grandmother. I visited the cathedral and the museum of print... and I've seen much more - you can look at the photos.

The weekend that ended my holiday was not action-apcked. On Saurday I started with my school work and in the afternoon I had Scouts again. On Sunday I was in the church and visited the grandparents. I really didn't want the holidays to end but on the other hand I was happy to see my classmates on Monday again. But I'll tell you about that next week - now let's see the photos of Anvers!

the train station

Old buildings in the city centre are really pretty 

Rubens' house

The big cathedral - so beautiful!


another Rubens' painting

This is Czech illumination!

So pretty, right?



  1. Super fotky! Hneď som si spomenula, ako som pred tou veľkou katedrálou pred pol rokom sama stála... :)) A všetko najlepšie ti prajem! :)