11 Oct 2015

The week when I ate a cricket (5. - 11.10.)

If the title of this article scared you a bit, please, stay tuned for an explanation and don't freak out. I will defend myself, don't worry. But let's leave the best for the end and let's start with the beginning, aka Monday. 

The first day of the week was extremely unorganized because we didn't learn three hours from seven, but nobody told us in advance so we couldn't organize our free time at all. On Tuesday I wrote another Maths test and I was satisfied - 10/20, while almost everything was new for me. Maybe I'll be able to make the exams in December if I continue like this (good joke, Marky)! Anywas on Wednesday there were teacher strikes but we had all the lessons, so there is nothing interesting to say...

Thursday was a special day: it was the "Journée sportif". That means all the 5th graders spent a day in Namur doing sports and other "interesting" activities. (I don't want to get into details but it was not worth the money as far as I can tell as an exchange student.) As the sports I chose zumba and Kin-Ball which were both very nice and entertainging, although I was really tired when I returned home.

And now we come to the cricket part - I survived my first weekend with the scouts (from Friday to Sunday). I discovered many interesting things and tried many different things too. For example I had to eat a dried cricket. If you want to know, it tasted ok - a bit like potato chips, but my brain was telling me I should vomit. I think the scouts will teach me a lot here... Until now I learned how to build card houses, how to sing in French, how to play games I don't understand, how to get lost in a tiny little village and a lot more. And I'm really happy for what the scouts gave me.

I plan on writing down some of my feelings and general experiences after more than a m onth in a foreign country - tell me what you'd be interested in in the comments below ;)


  1. Thanks for extending my vocabulary, I have just learned that "cricket" isn't just the sport. ;-) I'm afraid that I miss English names of many more kinds of insect, so you have good chances of improving my English further by trying some more tastes. ;-)

    1. You are welcome, even though I don't plan trying any other insects soon (I'm in Belgium, please, not China) :D