3 Feb 2016

Snow and theatres (11. - 17.1.)

I'm still waiting for the photos, but I decided to post this article now so that I don't forget everything that happened lately. Let's get started!

There was loads of events going on this week, so let's start with the theatres. In Belgium in the 5th grade you can basically choose almost all your subjects. Thee are also specialized options depending on the school. At my chool you can choose arts (9 hours of arts, history of art etc. per week) and theatre (9 hours of acting, improvisation, proper speaking etc. per week). I have six people in my class who chose the theatre option and so on Tuesday, 12th January they acted out a play by Victor Hugo. Of course I went to see them and I think you can already tell that I didn't understand almost anything (my Belgian friends didn't understand either, though) because they acted out the original play. But the less I understood the better was the experience. Like this I could eally appreciate their acting skills and listen to their voices as they sang. I really recommend you trying this out one day - just enjoy the play without caring about the story... It's beautiful!

However this wasn't the only theatre piece I saw that week! The next day - 13th January I participated at an obligatory theatre visit with my class. It was a play of Musset transformed into modern French, so I understood without any bigger problems. I didn't like the storyline though, so I wasn't very satisfied. However the comments of my classmates were sometimes funnier than the play so I enjoyed the evening anyway...

I also forgot to tell you I started a new activity once per week: I'm teaching English now. And if you're wondering - yes, I'm teaching English through Fench. It works surprisingly well, even though I don't know all the tenses that are used in French (especially the conditionals are killing me right now, but I don't think you need to know more). I also started to go to the "rattrapage de Math" which is two hours with the teacher who is answering questions of everyone. I don't enjoy it, but it helps, so it's worth it...

The most interesting thing I have to tell you about happened on Friday, 15th January. Our religion teacher prepared a special day for our class: we walked to a near village where we stayed at a special centre, learned meditation and did some interesting exercises. However my favourite part of the trip was the way there. It started snowing in the morning and so we made snow balls all the time and we even threw them at the teacher (of course there was a revenge too). We had lot of fun within the little activity the teacher preapred for us, too. He created pairs of people who don't speak to each other that much and he gave us a paper with questions to ask each other. We ended up speaking and becoming friends with some new people and I think that was pretty awesome... I wanted to get photos of the trip from my teacher, but e didn't send them yet so here is some photos of the snowy day from other exchange students...

The snow just lasted for the weekend and it rained a lot, but I'm happy anyway.

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