14 Feb 2016

How my life is going on... (18.1. - 5.2.)

My life is going on here in the chocolateland... There is not lots of stuff that changes around me, but it's more like everything stays an dI am the one who changes. Anyways today I'm here to share some bits and pieces of my exchange student life before a big event happend so let's get started!

On Friday, 22th January i was at my friend's house because we didn't have school. It was due to "la journée pédagogique" which means a day of school for teachers, their evlauation etc. This happens about three times a year. So thanks to that I had fun at mi friend's house, we baked, played Wii and sang songs from High School Musical (Please, don't ask why. You have to return to your childhood sometimes, don't you?).

Monday, 25th January was another one of my happy days. About a week ago I asked at the local bookstore if I could do my stage there (We have to do 2 days of obligatory stage of observation wherever we want, but with a contract for the school anf everything...) and they didn't respond me. So I passed again and guess what? I got the stage! I was so happy because in the meantime I tried about a dozen other bookstores and everywhere they told me "no". So yay - my stage days are 10th and 11th March!

The next day (26th January) there was another big change in my life coming... I cut my hair! I don't have a photo of before and after, but my host aunt literally cut 10 cm of my hair. It still feels weird, I got very used to it. Why? Well, last time I cut my hair was before I left for Belgium so that's a long, long time ago...

And as the week went on, another positive aspect was brought to my life on Wednesday, 27th January. I took dance classes of scenic dance (modern dancing improvisation, based on ballet) in the Czech republic and in Belgium I tried contemporary dnace (just modern dance with basically no rules and less classical than scenic dance). But my belgian dance teacher was pregnant and she didn't find another teacher untill that day. And I can tell that this new teacher is much, much better than the first one. We learn to experiment with our kinosphere, bodies and with each other. And the classes are much more exhausting, although we sit and evaluate a lot... It simply feels like I spent much more time there than ever before... Awesome!

On Friday, 29th January, there was a special meeting of the oratoire: we had a talent show. But not a normal one - the talents were chosen by other and so me and my other two friends all ended up "dancing" like crazies. But it was more fun than other times so I just wanted to share that with you (and my future me, who will read it later someday)...

I was supposed to have a whole-day-long event that Saturday (30th January), but finally I justwent to the cinema to see  Joy in the evening. The movie was really good, but the best thing was it was my Belgian friend who asked me out, not me! Yay, another progress made by the little shy introvert girl!

On Monday, 1st February, I played in a theatre! Yes, really. Although it was in English, it was in front of many people from my school and I really enjoyed it. Several students from each english class were chosen to play together with the actors and we could spend some time with them bfore and after tha play. That was the best part because the were all really nice and answered all of our questions.

And finally 2nd February came! Why finally? Sipmply because i's the day of "crepes", so you basically just eat French pancakes all day, everywhere. I was full but I loved that day... I think you can imagine. Maybe I'm starting to appreciate Belgian traaditions though... By the way the photo is our crepe day we did with my class.


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