27 Feb 2016

Paris (6. - 10.2.)

In the beginnign of February I spent a few days in Paris with other exchange students rom YFU and some volunteers. It was the first time in the capital of ranc for me and for many others and it was awesome. I'm going to show you lots of photos here and tell you where we've been, but the most important thing was we were together. And as I already told you many times, exchange studets are those people who understand you without speaking and you just need to know them for a few hours and they become your best friends. So even though Paris is really pretty, I enjoyed my company the best.

Sacré Coeur

One of my favourite photos I took in Paris...

Grafitti was everywhere.

THIS is a supermarket in the centre of the capital city.

We found many little galleries and art shops in the centre.

I also found some bookstores with books in French, English and German.

And the center is actually not that beautiful all the time.

They had these beautiful journals I had to take photo of them!

Experimenting with my camera on Champs-Elysées.

The beautifulness of the metro in Paris.

View from Arc de triomphe.

View on the new arc and new part of the city.

The Eiffel Tower was just that little!

They were checking our bags in every single shopping centre or any other public place we went to - it got really annoying already by the second day.

I really need to get these one day!

We just got 10€ per day for fod, so we mostly bought sandwiches in the supermarkets, but that day we found supergood baguettes with tuna just for 4,50 directly on Champs-Elysées.

Can I get this at home, please? Thank you.

Random rainbows on the pavement.

Another beautiful metro sign.

And finally, there we are!

Many views from the Eiffel Tower coming!

This is my favourite photo of all of them.

Our baraki crew, the best people ever.

Carrefour sandwiches - really awful, but cheap.

Another experimenting...

This is my only good photo from our evening boat trip.

The visit of Louvre was super quick and I didn't have time to appreciate anything.

100 meters of Japanese people...

...but I still got a photo of her!

Me being Cesar.

Opera: We shouldn't take photos if there is anyone on the stage... I got it! And we even got to see the room for the dancers behind the stage.

Night and day ceilings in the little rooms next to the stage.

This is our hotel reception - I'm not kidding. It was really beautiful!


View from our hotel window.

Picasso and Hemingway (and me!)

Dépardieu and Merkel!

Elizabeth II and Ghandhi

Michael Jackson and Stromae (a famous Belgian singer)

Edith Piaf

Draw me a sheep.. I tried.

Ice Age is life!

Napoleon Bonaparte

Da Vinci

Esmeralda and Quasimodo, Joan of Arc

We really wanted to get all of us matching masks, but they were really expensive...

Charlie Chaplin

I know Musée Grévin is a really commercial thing and we just spent time taking photos, but as always it was fun and I have many bizzare photos of everyone (including me) in my computer now...

I don't really feel like adding anything. It was really fun and I don't want to rouin the experience with describing it to the smallest details. I hope you enjoyed the photos, though :)

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  1. It's great that you managed to visit and enjoy so many places in Paris. As usually, your pictures are really very nice - thanks for them; you're right that they say enough even without further detailed descriptions. :-) Finally, I'm glad to hear (well, read ;-) ) that you had such a good company with you.