20 Mar 2016

February feels (11. - 28.2.)

How to get an exchange student to laugh till it hurts

After coming back from Paris, I had some difficulties with returning to my "old" belgian lifestyle with regular food and no exchange students... But after some time I got used to it again and my life went on more or less on the normal level of excitement. (That means everything got crazy as soon as possible.)

When I got back from Paris, I also made a resolution. For Belgians, the time from Carnival to Easter is the time they limit themselves in eating something (eg. chocolate or sweets). But because I know I couldn't stick to that, I just decided to spare money. I'm not going to buy any food - I'm just going to prepare it at home or elsewhere because I really spent lots of money for food since coming to Belgium.

This year's St. Valentine's Day was very different for me, as my host dad celebrated his birthday that day, s nobody really cared about that day. If it weren't for Facebook, I don't know if I would even notice it was that day because we were busy celebrating... And the evening before we've even been to a restaurant, which wwas very cool because you could serve yourselfe and you could get anything you wanted.

On Wednesday (17th February) we didn't have half of our classes and instead of that we went to the cinema to see a belgian-argentinian movie called "La Tierra Roja". It was interesting, but also very violent and not very nicely shot. Anyways we obviousely used this opportunity to take our #exchangeselfie - on the photo there's me, my Brazilian frind and a Thaiwanese friend of ours.

I have Scouts almost every weekend, but the reunion on Saturady (20th February) was really special. It was raining heavily and most of us didn't have any jackets (as we usually run through the forest or he city during the whole afternoon), so our chefs decided to change the programme for the afternoon. That day's theme was Divergent and we were supposed to play a big game of power, but it changed into playing volleyball and cupball under the roof of the university campus. If you're asking, what cupball is, you're not alone - because it's us who invented it. So basically you take plastic cups and little balls and there are two teams - the ball can't fall on the ground and you have to throw and catch it with the cups. It's the best team game ever! :D

Sunday (21th February) was the day of the school's Cabaret. It's basically a tallent show of people from the school who are ostl singing and dancing, but you could see one man shows or other interesting performances. Throughout the whole evening there is a story/musical/... called "Le fil rouge". This year it was about how our school wa created by God and it was hilarious (for those who understand Belgian sense of humour)!

One of the best days lately was Tuesday (23th February). I'm trying to go out with Belgians if possible and not stay with the other exchange students in my school. So I spent this midi (lunch break) with a group of awesome people and I just wanterd to wrte it here so that I don't forget it. It as much more meaning for me, but I don't think that's explainable here...

Last but not least, on Friday (26th February) I did my first babysitting in Belgium! I took care of my host cousins and it was great! Mostly when the little gir told me I had a different voice "How is that?" I sked. And she replied that my French was much better. The feels, guys, the FEELS! Anywasy all went well and I even got paied so it was really cool!

I hope you all are doing good! :)

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