27 Mar 2016

My trip to the UK (29.2. - 4.3.)

I'm here with another photoblog, this time from my school trip to the UK that took place from 29th Frebruary till 4th March. We had to wake up at 5am to go to the bus and we came back really late, so I was very tired. But again, it was woth it. We had fun, visited many interesting places, did some shopping... and photos!

Monday, 29th February
When after waking up at 5 a.m. for the bus, sickness in the ferry with a nice view of the immigrants in Callé and lots of sheep in English countryside we arrived to Canterburry, where we visited the town centre and the cathedral. Than we were dropped off in Eastbourne to stay at our host families. Ours was not very nice - they just did it for the money and didn't talk to us, but I didn't really care as it was just for a week and they didn't steal anything... (There were families that did, I'm onot exaggerating!) Anyway we slept weel the first night, I can tell you.

One of thousands of boookstores I couldn't go to. Sad story...

This is paradise and torcher... I mean, candy!

More candy and the first thing I bought in Britain - Harry Potter's Chocolate Frog ♥ And I got Hagrid, yassssss!

I have many photos with this guy (one of my friends, also an exchange student, he is Belgian and went to Austrlia), but he is kind of crazy so be prepared for that... I don't have any normal photos of him, I just chose the most acceptable ones.

When people steal your camera to take stalking photos.

Or they want you to take photos of them.

With their flags.


The sea was so pretty, but the bus didn't want to stop me for a photo so they're blurry.

Tuesday, 1st March
When we had language school in the morning and didn't learn anything because we're too good (advantages of being in the best group, duh), visited Brighton in the afternoon and didn't even have time for sightseeign because of the interviews we had to do for school... and bowling.
The Pavillion - most known sight of Brighton.

Finally KFC - they don't have it in Belgium. I know, RIGHT??

Groupie :)

This seagull attacked us several times - be careful and wear hats in UK!

The first one makes me think of Jonas Jonasson's books, i don't know why.

Wednesday, 2nd March
When we had language school again which we just spent playing games and in the afternoon we walked on th cliffs while it was so windy we almost flew away and we had to walk in pairs to be able to move. Then our dear English teachers paied us hot chocolated and cut off the walk because of weather conditions. How wise.


Unfortunately the teachers didn't want to pay the brownie.

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?

Our bus was a double decker! I was upstairs all the time.

This looks super Canadian, doesn't it?

Visitors centre looks luxurious!

Thrusday, 3rd March
When we went for a day-long trip to London, I freaked out on the "Harry Potter Bridge", improved my French because I only spoke with Belgians, tasted the best smoothie ever, bought three books and forgot to take photo of them and walked a few kilometres in my Converse babies... My feet hurt superhard!

We got a map - very clever!

This is THE bridge.

Best smoothie ever on the right ;)

Marshmallow popsicles are a thing in London!

The policeman whistled at me five times and I happily ignored him till I took the photo. Because I can.

Downing Street

My friend's bank card ♥

Friday, 4th March
When we had school again and lunchtime in Hastings by the sea, I got my Converse wet and took trillion of photos. Then we got sick on the ferry again... And went home.

Still dry here :P

Liza, Marky and Carol - LMC power

Hot chocolate time!

Have you ever been to the UK?


  1. Yes, I have; somewhat surprisingly, I could still remember names of places depicted on your photos from London after 12 years without resorting to my own photos or some other clue. :-)

    I haven't visited the South-East of England yet, though. The pictures with sea are nice; you had quite good weather for making photos.

    1. Wow, you have a good memory then!

      And actually, I just took photos in the 5 minutes break of rain during our cliff walk... But it's better if it looks better ;)