1 Dec 2015

The week when I accidentally got a solo (23. - 29.11.)

This week were the last days of regular school this year - the next week are the exams and after that there is holidays untill January. But even though there is always something to tell about the week, this time I'm joust going to explain you how I got a solo... Because it's really typical for exchange students to get things like this.

I started to going to "oratoire" (I think it's oratory in English)¨with my host brother and there we prepare songs for the Christmas mass. I'm just singing because there is not enough girl singers so I left my guitar at home and just went for my voice. After several songs trained the dirigent asked a question. I thought she was asking about who wants to sing, so I put my hand up. Then I noticed I was the only one to have my hand up and the dirigent said: "Great, you're going to sing the first solo!" You would say I crashed down or something, but basically all that I was thinking was "What? Whaat? Whaaat?" and so on...

But when I look at it now, it's not that awkward at all and I'm glad I have the solo. But I still feel like I need to explain it to everyone so that they don't think I'm so egoistic. I kind of faced my fear without knowing this because being egoistic is not really my cup of tea. 

Has anything like that ever hapeened to you?


  1. It doesn't sound egoistic to me at all. As you describe it, it isn't as if you prevented a crowd of others interested in singing the solo from their opportunity, right?

    The embedded recording from YouTube is really really nice ("superb!" - make sure to use the French pronunciation when reading this word ;-) ). I hope that you'd share a record of your performance afterwards if there's any available...

    1. No, not at all! True... I don't know yet if there will be a recording - because it's in a church so I'm not sure. We'll see ;)