14 Dec 2015

The weeks of exams (30.11. - 13.12.)

Sorry for not posting much recently, but as you can see in the title, I had my exams the last two weeks... As I'm on holiday now, I can post more and I wanted to ask you if you'd like to read anything about my exchange year in general, exchange student problems or any other specific topic. I'd be glad to write a themed article for you guys! But without further redo, let me tell you about my exams!

In Belgium you have big 2 or 4 hours long exams from every subject twice a year, but as an exchange student I "just" needed to pass four exams and I could choose the subjects. Finally I decided for English, Geography, Physics and Social Sciences. I also didn't have to go to school on the days when I didn't have exams (and the other students had obligatory study at school) so I kind of had a holiday before the holiday. I woke up late and went to sleep late and I could stay in my pyjamas the whole day if I wanted to. But apart of procrastinating I had to study too - and I can tell you that studying in a foreign language is not easy at all. Although I'm used to my German school back in Prague, this is different. I can speak German and I'm used to it, but French? Not at all...

But to make the long story short... I don't know the results yet, but I think I'll pass all the four exams I chose, even though I didn't have enough time for Geography and Physics. On the other hand the longest text in the English exam was ten lines so I had a problem with not writing too much... And the exam from Social Sciences was surprisingly much more ok than I expected it to be!

As I already wrote I'm on holiday now so there will be much more interesting blogs coming! On Friday I'll see my grades and after that I'll not visit school until 4th Janurary! The tourism time is coming and... Merry Christmas!

P.S. I took all the photos while going on a walk this week.. I was kind of in an artistic mood, yes.

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