12 Jun 2016

Goodbye, May! (1. - 31.5.)

I finally took a photo of my host cat :D

Today I'm bringing you my May report. Everything is going just fine and I'm still not prepared to leave, but I doubt I will ever be... Even though April still stayed the best month, May was pretty cool too, so let me tell you about it.

On Tuesday (3rd May) I had my first oral presentation in front of the whole class in french. It was about a History project I did with my friend, so at least I wasn't alone in front of everyone. But everything went just fine and we got 16/20, so I was happy about it.

The first week of May was short anyways as we didn't have class from Wednesday to Friday. I used it to visit my friend and do a little photoshoot with her. We had a lot of fun and took a lot of photos, ate a lot of food and listened to lot of music. Just a fun day as you could tell... Also I just put my photos here as my friend didn't want me to pu hers, so no - I'm not egocentric.

This one is my profile photo on Facebook now...

On Saturday (7th May) I went to the Food Truck Festival in Brussels. It's a festival of international cuisine, so I surely didn't want to miss it. In the end it wasn't so international as I thought it would be, but I still ate a ot of great food and got to spend some time with my Austian exchange friend which was awesome too!

A bubble waffle, typically Swedish apparently.

You couldn't expect eanything else from me, could you? Always blue slash.

These swings-benches were the best thing on the festival. I also to forget to take photos of half of the things I ate (because they were to good), so I also tasted typical Belgian chocolate cake, coconut milk, churros, nachos with a weird green sauce I couldn't identify and a doughnut. Yumm!

I never could forget my elephant...

In a tea shop...


On Friday (13th May) I thought nothing bad could happen to me... but I was wrong. I surely did enjoy the cinema session with my friend - we saw The Huntsman Winter's War which was a really great movie, but at night I got sick and stayed in the bed for the rest of the weekend.

My next weekend was pretty busy, though. On Saturday morning (21th May) I went with a train straight to Brussels to meet YFU staff and my exchange friends with whom I spent the whole weekend. it was the last time I saw some of them and it was really sad, but at the same time we really enjoyed every minute we spent together. We recrded videos vfor the next year's exchange students, ad some re_-entry sessions, went out in the evening and it was just nice to have everybody around. I also started to get signatures on my Czech flag which I will bring home as a souvenir and is really full right now.

On Sunday (22th May) I needed to leave earlier to get to my dance rhearsal and performance at time. I went prette well, but as my entry was quite short I didn't feel it really. It's different to my 2,5 hour long performances in the Czech republic, really.

I had a special photography lesson in my Arts class on Wednesday (25th May), so here are some of my best photos from there...

The place everyone meets at if the go somewhere.
The train station.

The next ones are my project on the theme of fences:

Playing with light and contrast:

Focused on nature:

The oratoire was really special on Friday (27th May) - we had a barbecue to say goodbye to some people who are leaving and I also used it to get my flag signed. I know. And not to forget the cinema - on Saturday (28th May) I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass which was the perfect movie because I really love the story. And also, Tim Burton.

As you can see I ended up fangirling here again, but it's a part of my life I can't just cut off... But in my next post you'll see that June (so far) was quite different.


  1. I když bych si měla procvičovat angličtinu, napíšu ti to sem česy :D Snad nevadí :D
    Vypadá to, že byl květen dobrý měsíc, i když si teda byla nemocná... :)
    Každopádně fakt se mi líbí ty houpací lavičky, jídlo muselo být také super, škoda, že si vyfotila jenom wafle :D
    Na Alence jsem také byla v kině, moc hezká pohádka. :)
    Fotky jsou také moc pěkné! :)
    Snad i tvůj měsíc červen je super. :)

    1. Nevadí :) Bohužel všechno bylo moc dobré, takže jsme se na to musela hned vrhnout :D Děkuji, snad i Tvůj červen je fajn ;)